Indian TV News Print Media on ISI/ISIS/Islamic State duty ?: JNU Sedition

If Indian MSM was in any other country of west or europe, long ago, they may have got packed like sardines in maximum security prison. Even our small neighbors Bangladesh and Pakistan may have hanged the traitors, journalists news editor tv media scribes. In USA Guantanamo bay jail, in China firing squad, in Russia hard labor in Siberia they may have got. But not in India.
Why so ? Six decades of Nehru-Gandhi’s rule made India one of the most corrupt nation of planet earth. News Journalists like Barkha Dutt, Vir Sanghvi actually functioned as brokers, pimps, tauts, bhadua, dalal, dalla and dalli. Who brokered condoms, condominiums to big land construction projects, in short A to Z business. Complemented helped by killer Commies and UPA bull cart. Didn’t spare even Hindu gods in loot plunder by Cong~CPI~CPM~FB~JDU~DMK. Scamsters and pilferage experts then allied with SIMI kind terror groups. Now they are brazen. Out in the open because of India’s nationalist patriot PM NaMo Narendra Modi. Mr Modi ended riots, terror acts in Gujarat. Chased terrorists and left no one in any doubt that if you kill Indians terrorise India government will reply hard. In 2014 unseats UPA. NaMo got a big massive mandate. Then all hell broke in opposition camp, staying 20 months out of power made them mad. So media with crook
parties started plain lies, mostly exposed by PTs nationalists. Managed to hurt BJP. Media devised destiny of Delhi, Started created news for the sake of news. Nefarious ties with terrorists helped media vultures, brought in to slow PM good work.
What’s next ? Delhi waits for 22nd Monday action in High Court. See my next post.

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