Analysing Assam State Elections 2016 Verdict

Greetings to all Assam voters. Assam won by BJP, for the first time in India’s critical north east sector. Election promises apart, the Hindus can be sure, PM Narendra Modi’s unfailing attention. Expelling Bangladesh Muslims not easy, very tough task indeed which may take time. No other world country was able to do it successfully. Nor India can afford to do before the intruders exhaust all legal option. We can know soon, how many million Muslim settlers India got thanks to crook Gandhis, ex CM Tarun Gogoi and Congress. Infiltrated people gifted all valid Indian pan/election identity cards etc.
For political parties each intruder is a possible voter. It is the Indian muslims who bring Bangladeshi workers at a fraction of an Indian Muslim workers cost. Intruders work on lesser wages in comparison to native Hindus and Indian muslims. Integration of Assam seven sister States will be speedy as our PM Narendra Modi is a tough no nonsense man of good governance. Sad to say Assam RS seat long time had ex PM Manmohan Singh,yet nil industry nil development nil investment or input by the wily sardar. My Assam and north east friends will not be disappointed with BJP CM Sarbananda Sonwal. Me plan to visit Assam and North East states soon. Our beloved PM Modi will keep NaMo promises made to the people of Assam. Jai Hind. Sateash Jain.
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